The new King and Queen of Hitz, V-Day and Pet Visit

February 14th this year was a jam-packed, fun-filled day. Love is in the air this month, and we at Hitz love to share and spread the love to our residents. Every year we host a Valentine’s Day Party for our residents and for a few weeks prior we set up a voting area where the staff can vote on a King and Queen. At the party we reveal who won and crown them the official King and Queen of Hitz for the year! Our winners are always so surprised and bashful when they win, and this year was no different. Before we crown the new King and Queen however, we like to play a game and hand out refreshments.

Our game that we played was a Guess the Candy Hearts game, where Lauryn, our Activity Director, had filled a jar with the little candy hearts synonymous with Valentine’s Day and walked it around so every resident could guesstimate how many were in the jar. The person who guessed the closest won the entire jar!

We then handed out drinks, got to keep everyone hydrated, and after everyone was present, we tallied the votes and announced our new King and Queen. All hail Dottie and Leroy! They each got a crown and chocolates, we then took them on a royal parade through the halls so that anyone who was not present at the coronation could give their praise and love to our winners.

To cap off our love filled day, Maynard the therapy dog came to visit and give everyone some love. We love Maynard and his handler!

Please click on image below to be taken to a slide show of our Valentine’s Day!



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