Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

Stroke victims, post-operative patients and fracture cases can benefit from our highly skilled team of rehabilitation therapists. We are restorative in nature and encourage programs to maintain abilities and independence for as long as possible. Our Hitz multidisciplinary team consisting of the resident, therapy team, staff, caregiver and family work together to develop a care plan with the goal of maximizing the resident’s potential to speed recovery and return them home as soon as possible. Learn More about Hitz Home Rehabilitation Services.

Skilled Nursing Care

High quality care and a team approach are important to our skilled nursing program. Individual care plans with agreed upon goals, are formulated by the multidisciplinary staff, resident and family. Our professional staff is dedicated to the individual care of our residents, carried out in a manner of warmth, respect, and dignity. Ongoing training is provided to all staff to ensure and enhance the quality of care given to all residents.

Independent Senior Living

As you get older you may find that maintaining your home is becoming more difficult. If you are interested in the possibility of downsizing and leaving the maintenance to someone else, you may want to consider moving into our apartments. Our apartments are designed for seniors and offer convenience, safety, comfort, privacy and affordability. Hitz Home does not provide medical care in the apartments but will provide resources to assist you with your medical needs.

Rooms and Suites

Our rooms are cheery with large windows and are decorated with residents’ personal belongings which makes the room feel more like home. Additionally, our suites are Aging in Place. The suites will give the resident a sense of ownership and a place to call home.