Planned Giving

Hitz Home has joined with the United Church of Christ’s Financial Development Ministry in order to provide a ministry that enables individuals to be faithful stewards of their assets and find joy in giving. The mission of the United Church of Christ Financial Development ministry is to invite and assist members and friends of the United Church of Christ to be stewards in their personal and estate planning through current and deferred capital gifts as a joyous expression of their Christian commitment and as a means of strengthening the ministries of the Church now and in the future. As a ministry of the United Church of Christ (UCC), Hitz Home has decided to utilize the resources and leadership of the UCC Financial Development Ministry and its representative in our Conference in order to provide a Planned Giving program that will enable Hitz to remain vital in the future. This calls for faithful financial and estate planning from ourselves, and friends and families of Hitz Home to assure that future needs will be met.

What is a Planned Gift?

A Planned Gift is a gift that is planned for and frequently funded during the donor’s lifetime but not actually received by Hitz Home until after the donor’s death.

Planned gifts are generally made from accumulated assets in a carefully considered manner and in an amount that expresses one’s commitment but does not impair the family’s financial well-being. This means giving at the appropriate time, considering personal and family requirements, Hitz Home’s needs and tax considerations. Further, it involves deciding on the best asset to give whether it be in the form of securities, bonds, mutual funds, real estate or cash.

We urge you to do your gift planning within the context of family and professional advisors; discuss your charitable goals with your family; consult your attorney, financial planner, and/or accountant. In partnership with the UCC Financial Development ministry, we will provide you with detailed information on each gift type offered, bequest language, instructions for stock transfer, Life-income Gift illustrations, Gift Annuity Agreements, and documentation for income tax filing.

People choose to make charitable gifts for a wide variety of reasons, primarily of which is to support work they believe in. Giving also provides benefits to you, the donor. A gift to Hitz Home may include some or all of the following:

Fulfillment of charitable goals
Charitable tax deduction
Avoidance of reduction of capital-gain tax
Income payments for life
Tax-free income
Reduction of federal estate tax
Expert investment management by the United Church Foundation socially responsible investment

Hitz Home is extremely grateful for the inspired generosity of it’s family and friends.

What are the different ways to give?

Current or Outright Gifts by means of cash, securities, or real estate.

UCC Gift Annuities, whereby the donor receives a fixed rate of return based on age, with a one-time charitable deduction and some tax free income. Minimum gift is $1,000.00.

UCC Pooled Income Fund provides a variable rate of return based on donor’s share of the Fund’s earnings; a one-time charitable deduction; all income taxed at the ordinary rate. Minimum gift is $2,000.00

Charitable Remainder Trusts are of two types: Unitrusts pay variable income based on a payout percentage, usually 5%, of the Trust’s annual value; Annuity Trusts pay a fixed income based on a percentage, usually 5%, of the gift amount. Donor receives a one-time charitable deduction.

Life Insurance, whereby the insured names Hitz Home either as beneficiary or as owner/beneficiary of the policy, or gifts to a paid-up policy to Hitz Home.

IRA Assets, whereby the donor names Hitz home as beneficiary of the IRA, possibly avoiding estate taxes.

Bequests by Will, preferably by percentage, Hitz Home as primary or contingent beneficiary.

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