Memorial Service with VITAS

Mary, our Veteran Liaison with VITAS came out to Hitz Monday, to do a special memorial service with our residents. She had the residents write the name of a military member who had passed on a small card, then we tied each of those names to a balloon. We gathered our residents outside and Mary and one of our residents displayed the flag, then began folding the flag while our Activity Director, Kim read aloud the meaning of each fold. We had a moment of silence while listening to TAPS then released the balloons. It was a very beautiful, touching moment that I know I will remember. Having so many veterans here at Hitz, we always take pride in being able to remember those that are with us, and those that are not.

Check out a slideshow of pictures below, and if you are interested in the meaning of each fold of the flag, you can check that out below the slideshow!



Flag Folds Layout-2

Thank you to our members of the military who are no longer with us, to their families for the sacrifices you have made, and thank you to all our active military and veterans and their families, you are the reason we have the opportunities we are privileged to have.

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