Let's Talk Culture Change

Traditional nursing homes all too often create a lifeless environment, are short-staffed, and have an institutional feel to them. But a movement called culture change has been pushing through the industry. Culture change is more than just changing the cosmetic appearance of a building or having more “happy talk”. In a pioneer home, it is a leadership philosophy change that can affect every part of a nursing facility. The core principle of pioneer homes is very simple: People need to be treated as human beings rather than patients, cases or numbers. It’s important to think in terms of what you would want as far as nursing home care goes for your parent(s), spouse or even yourself.

There are three key principles guiding “culture change” nursing facilities.
1. Elders should have a voice in what goes on in their lives.
2. How management treats its staff will be how the staff will treat the residents.
3. Changing the nursing home to be less institutional and more like home.

These principles lead to a very different way of life from the regimen of the traditional nursing homes in which there was a fixed time to wake up, go to bed, eat, shower and so on. Does anyone really want to live their life that way? In pioneer homes, residents can order from menus, have pets and make as many decisions for themselves as possible. Many of these facilities include everything from game rooms to bistros, libraries and even gift shops. This “culture change” is changing the quality of life for nursing home residents and their families.

Hitz Home is a member of the Pioneer Coalition that is helping to spread “culture change” throughout the industry. At Hitz Home, we understand that the quality of life is experienced through the true understanding of the residents’ wishes. The understanding and communication between care givers and residents at Hitz Home has brought about a significant change in the quality of life experienced by our residents. We truly believe that it is important for each resident to live the remainder of his/her life to the fullest extent possible.

Some culture change efforts at Hitz Home include:
  • The ability of residents to sleep in
  • Availability of food 24/7
  • Menus to order food from; and, extended meal times.
  • A choice to shower how and when they feel most comfortable, whether that be in bed with a sponge bath, in the shower or enjoying a relaxing whirlpool spa bath.
  • A newly renovated library complete with an internet enabled work station for residents to stay in touch with loved ones or just surf the net.
  • Entertainment amenities like board games, cards and puzzles that are available for residents in our library, activity room or sunroom.
  • Scheduled and spontaneous activities on a daily basis.
  • A Shelter House compete with a bbq located among our outside garden where residents can spend time outdoors reading, visiting with family members or just spending time in the peaceful outdoor setting.
  • A quaint gazebo for quiet reflection or smaller family gatherings.
  • Indoor aviary

At Hitz Home we cater to all of our residents needs which included providing an outdoor swing for those who use a wheel chair. Unlike other nursing home facilities, Hitz Home offers a private room complete with kitchen area for families to use with their loved ones for gatherings. We want our residents to have a voice in their care, so residents have the ability to serve on committees in conjunction with staff members in order to voice their needs, wants and desires to ensure that their voice is heard. Our resident/staff committees currently include: food committee, welcoming committee and death and dying committee. We invite you to come and check out what we have to offer.