Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

We here at Hitz are always trying to evolve and try new things, so we have decided to turn our Sun Room into a small Greenhouse. Lauryn has planted cucumbers and tomatoes, along with hanging plants and a few other plants. In just a few weeks time our plants have already sprouted and grown so much! I know we are all looking forward to seeing them continue to grow.

Our courtyard has also gotten a makeover. We have new plants and mulch, it just look gorgeous! Activities has been taking the residents out every chance they get. We are in the process of getting raised gardening beds so that residents will be able to easily reach, plant, and take care of their own plants.



Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

By : Caitlin Burm

Gardening for Seniors

Are you putting your green thumb to good use?

By spending 2.5 hours a week gardening, seniors can reduce their risk for multiple health issues and reduce social isolation.

Gardening Tips for Beginners

Are you a beginner gardener?

Consider these gardening tips for beginners, which include:

You can read more gardening tips on Holiday Retirement’s gardening checklist.

If you are still concerned about creating a garden in a senior living, consider this infographic which features suggestions for gardening in comfort:

Gardening for Seniors





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