About Hitz Home

Hitz Memorial Home is a not-for-profit ministry of the United Church of Christ that has been providing healthcare services to the elderly since 1952.  Our home is conveniently located just four miles east of Route 4, in the quiet, charming town of Alhambra, IL with medical facilities close by. Our mission is to be a caring community, reflecting faith-based values, within which residents’ rights are respected and fulfilled.We are on a journey to provide our residents with choices, options, and a sense of achievement each day. We’ve built our home around the needs of the residents and encourage them to make decisions that impact the quality of their lives.

Our History

In 1907, the Hitz State Bank was organized in Alhambra. The President of the bank, Adolf Hitz, undoubtedly had little idea that this humble beginning would grow into a financial institution with a longwithstanding history. Mr. Hitz took personal pride and responsibility in being the custodian for his neighbors’ resources.

The Hitz State Bank closed in 1947 with Mr. Hitz’ retirement and two years later in 1949, he died. When the Southern Illinois Synod voted to establish regional homes for the aged, Mr. Hitz’ wife, Louise M. Hitz, in consultation with Reverend Guy J. Moyer (pastor of Salem Evangelical and Reformed Church in Alhambra), continued the family tradition of community concern. The family home was given to the Synod.

Newly renovated, the house opened in August 1952 as Hitz Memorial Home. Mrs. Hitz was one of the first 25 residents. She appreciated being able to see first-hand the benefit her family had provided for other people.

Original Dedication on August 1952:
“This Home will offer nursing care to those who will need it and will admit both men and women. Here amidst love and understanding, we hope to bring peace and happiness and a sense of security to those who will make this their home.”

Our Philosophy

We believe that the growth and progress of Hitz Memorial Home will be achieved by the successful application of our employees’ skills to our activities. We feel our employees will play a major role in our facility’s success.

Hitz Home is a culture change home which means we are resident centered and not task centered. We provide our residents with choices, options and a sense of achievement each day. Therefore we ask that our staff perform their daily duties with flexibility, friendliness, compassion, respect and dignity. Read more about our culture change here.

We believe in fair treatment of our employees. We will attempt to create an atmosphere that will allow employees to feel a sense of accomplishment. We will not discriminate on any basis prohibited by law.

We believe that as a facility and as individuals, we must be good citizens. We will fulfill our obligations toward our government and toward the community in which we work, and we encourage our employees to play a positive role in appropriate community endeavors.

Through high employee contribution and recognition we believe we can attain a standard of operations that will provide the pride, the regards, the opportunities, and the security that each of us seek.