30 Questions to ask your Grandparents/Parents

Take it from someone who lost their grandparents, maternal and fraternal, at a fairly young age; talk to the seniors in your life. Now that I am older with a family of my own, there are so many questions without answers. Engage them in conversation, I promise in years to come you won’t remember “wasting your time”, you will remember the stories and conversations. You will thank me one day.

Take pictures, look at their pictures, ask them when they got in trouble and why they got in trouble, I am sure there is a story or two that will leave you with your jaw dropped in awe. They were young once, they made mistakes and got into mischief, in fact they may be more hardcore than you!

To get you started download 30 Questions to ask your Grandparents (or Uncles, Aunts, the weird lonely old man down the street)

One more tip, if they are able, have them write some of the answers, seeing my grandmothers delicate cursive leaves me in tears every time I have the yearning to be near her again.

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